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onsdag 23 april 2014

CIA active in Ukraine!

Obviously CIA is very active in Ukraine, the historical pattern is familiar. We have seen it hundreds of times before, in Korea, Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq etc. etc. Disinformation and undercover operations to make things look otherwise than they really are. Only one eyed western journalists, liars and politicians fail to see what is clear to everyone else.

This is big politics for world domination and so the goal justifies the means. Not to say that Russia is innocent, on the contrary, although maybe not quite as skilled in the refined techniques.

I am NOT stating that US voluntarily supports anti Semitism, US and Israel are best of friends and there are zillions of Jews in the US. Sooner jews are experiencing a more difficult situation in Russia. But in the ongoing fight for global domination, you can ally with practically anyone, can't you? So hence we have the situation where Obama, I actually like Obama as one of the least bad US Presidents, along with his ministers dine, laugh and shake hands with hard core nazis. Trust me, there are plenty of them in Ukraine as well as in the coup regime.

So, now the battle has reached Russia's own backyard, and what are they supposed to do? Sit still and do nothing while US aggressively is threatening the core of their territory. Kiev was founded by the Russians and Ukraine has been Russian since 1783, the crown jewel of the empire, Russia's granary. This is Russian business and the west should in decency step back from its' criminal and illegal actions.

I bet my but on that neither Obama, nor any of his ministers or any of their children, or the Swedish Prime Minister or Foreign Minister or any of their children, will be in the front row when they have dragged this stupid conflict into a whole rage war. The ones who will pay the price, the ones who will be in the front line, are ordinary people minding their own business, tolling the daily struggle to make an honest dollar and ends meet. They, along with their relatives will pay the ultimate price for this stupidity. What on earth are our objectives in this remote region when we can't handle the problems in our own backyard?

While this disinformation goes on from both parties, the only thing we can do is to, like an investigator, analyze the motive and compare with historical facts. A known fact is that the shots on Maidan came from the coup makers' building, but who was responsible? No matter what you think of Yanukovych, but he would be pretty stupid if he was the one who gave the order, efficiently destroying the remains of his own regime.

On the other hand, it would be very good for the coup makers, an efficient remedy to the stalemate although way over their heads to master plan. Here we have the CIA, they have done this a hundred
times before and it also fits well with the US strategy for world domination. It doesn't matter who gets shot, there were victims on both sides, as long as some shit happens to awaken the world's rage.
Right enough, it did not take long until Yanukovych through in his towel and signed his resignation with a gun to his head. Which of course according to US and EU is a fully legitimate takeover compared to the people's free choice in an open election in Crimea. Sometimes I ponder on how these creatures are wired?

Now, yesterday we had the incident with local politicians found mutilated and murdered outside Slovjansk in Eastern Ukraine. Of course, this could be some kind of revenge for the attack by Ukrainian extremists on the roadblock a couple of days ago. However, much more likely it was staged by the CIA to help Turchynov justify his upcoming actions. It does not have to be so, but it definitely bares the sign of US secret undercover operations.

Personally I don't think that this crisis should lead to any changes in the overall defense policy. Ukraine is special to Russia and the West should back off, restraining itself from their expansion strategy. Of course, Putin is a former KGB man and maybe he wants to be remembered as the one who restored the borders of the former Soviet Union? That could implicate, that sooner or later the Baltic States would be at risk as well as other smaller neighboring countries, but that's it.

One thing is for sure, the long term solution is not to alienate Russia. The solution is not sanctions back and forth until we have a new wall and are back in the cold war. By the way, restrictions for citizens of Russia to travel is not any garbage back to Soviet shit that some stupid journalists want to portray it, it is just another way of directing sanctions against the west combined with taking care of their own citizens' welfare. I expect sharp restrictions for the Russians to make foreign investments next on the agenda.

Instead, accept each others differences, embrace friendship, trade and mutual development. Here Sweden has the opportunity to do splendid business, set an example and breach the way into the future. Do I have to remind you, that while the Roman Empire lasted about 1 500 years, Egyptian Kingdom lasted almost 3 000 years and the Empire of Japan lasted short to 2 000 years, the Anglo American Empire has only lasted for a very very short while and is already on its way down.

Mark my words, in 10 years time, we will all sit and watch the documentary about how it all actually was, made by some independent American journalist who of course will win the Pulitzer price. Observe, not Swedish, they will just sit there with their long faces uttering "oh, was it like that".

P.S. Oh, just saw that Maria Persson Löfgren, on Swedish Radio (SR), has made another terror propaganda article. She's just too much! Hey Maria, take a hike will you?

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